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Why It Is Important To Keep Your Chimney In Good Health

Chimneys are a great feature of many older homes, and even new projects will often include chimneys to match with the overall design of the house. However, chimneys are not static. If you choose to have one in your house then you need to be very proactive about keeping up with chimney services, whether that be a general maintenance appointment or something more urgent, like a chimney repair. Here are a few reasons why it is so critical you stay up-to-date with your chimney's health.

Fires Can Start

Chimneys are designed to funnel smoke, and that means that they will accumulate a lot of ash and soot when the fireplace is in use. These offshoots of the fire might not seem that harmful, but after a long enough period of time, they can become flammable themselves. Think of them as a kind of flammable dust that coats the inside of your chimney. While they are not able to burn for very long, they can burn long enough to make anything they come into contact set on fire. This is quite a terrifying thought and shows why regularly cleaning your chimney with a professional is always necessary.

Cover Repair

Chimney covers are prevalent because they stop rain, snow, and hail from falling directly into your house. However, precisely because they come into contact with these elements so frequently, chimney covers will often age more quickly than any part of this feature. If you notice any of these forms of precipitation entering your home from your chimney then it is time for a chimney repair service as soon as possible. You don't want to suffer from minor flooding due to an open doorway to the sky. 

Smoke Leak

If the flue tiles that are in the inside of your chimney split apart even by a fraction then it is very likely some smoke will leak into other unwanted areas of your house. Not only can this cause an unwelcome smell in these areas, but it can also present the same dangers listed above, specifically that of a fire hazard. If you ever notice the smells associated with a fire in another part of the house, then you likely have a leak somewhere in the interior of your chimney. As such, stop using the chimney and call for repairs immediately. 

For more information, contact a chimney repair service. They can help you if you have this home feature.