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A Beginners Guide On How To Spot Potential Problems With Your Septic Tanks Drainfield

Millions of people across America use a septic tank drainfield to safely disperse their waste in a natural way. When done properly and maintained to a high standard, septic tanks are very good for the environment and do not cause any problem whatsoever. The problem is that many people who own a septic tank do not really understand how to look for the warning signs that indicate a problem is on the horizon. After all, unless you are an expert in the field, it can be hard to tell. Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for to help you understand when you need to call for septic tank drainfield repair.

Explosion In Plant Growth

An unexpected side effect of a septic tank not properly disposing of the waste is the growth of all plants that exist above the septic tank. It is easy to just assume a particularly healthy growing season this year, but that could be a costly mistake to make. This is because the effluent acts as a fertilizer and quite a potent one at that. If you notice that the grass is slightly higher in that area when you mow the lawn, then it might be time to investigate whether you have a septic tank leak or whether a septic tank drainfield repair is in order.

Internal Plumbing Problems

Often the issue with a septic tank drainfield is that it gets full or blocked because it is not dispersing properly. This will first be visible inside your own home through toilets refusing to flush, showers not properly draining, and even laundry and dishwashers backing up with water. Whenever you, as an owner of a septic system, have a problem with any water fixtures you should immediately call for a septic tank expert to investigate, as the issue will almost always link back to there.

Swampy Ground

There is nothing worse than noticing your septic tank drainfield is becoming a bit of an impromptu swamp as effluent escapes to the surface. This can be a smelly biohazard that can very easily make you sick, so it is best to leave it for the professionals who can deal with the septic waste with proper care. They will also advise you on the exact extent of the issue and whether a replacement is necessary or if a repair is viable to save your septic system. Heed their advice, as they will have a much better look at your problem below the surface and know how to spot an error that is impossible to fix. 

Contact a local septic service to learn more about septic tank drainfield repair issues.