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When Do You Need Professional Help With Your Blocked Drains?

There are several do-it-yourself techniques and tools that households can use to unblock clogged drains. These include drain snakes, plungers, and DIY cleaning solutions such as hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. Sometimes these at-home drain cleaning techniques only offer a temporary fix. Some situations call for professional drain unclogging and cleaning services. Below are four such incidences when you need to call a plumber about your clogged drains.

Multiple Blocked Drains

When dealing with one blocked drain, such as the shower or kitchen drain, it's easy to unblock it using DIY methods. However, if you have multiple blocked drains, you need professional help. Multiple clogs don't just end at the P-trap. There's a chance the pipe that carries wastewater to the sewer system is blocked. If this line is severely clogged, it will slow down water drainage in the entire home. In this case, only a plumber can unclog and clean your sewer line to restore proper wastewater flow.

Old Household Drains

Do you have old drainage pipes in your home? Are you constantly dealing with slow water flow and blockage? If so, your old pipes may be the problem. Old drainage pipes may experience issues that can hinder wastewater flow from your home. These include:

Besides unclogging your old drains, you need to inspect them for physical damage that may increase the risk of future blockage. If your pipes are blocked, reline or replace them to avoid future drainage problems.

Leaking Drain Pipes

Leaks in your drain pipes signal a problem with the piping. Therefore, fixing the existing clog will only be a temporary solution. The leaking pipe may allow debris into the drainage system, leading to even more severe clogs. Below are the signs of a leaking drain line:

If you notice any of the above signs, check your drains for leaks. This exercise requires professional help, especially if you want it to be non-invasive. Your plumber can use advanced leak detection equipment to spot leaks underneath flooring and under the ground. Once you fix the leak and clean your drains, schedule regular drain maintenance to prevent clogs.

If you are experiencing the above issues, contact a plumber for drain services. Besides unclogging your drains, a professional will also address the root cause of the problem to prevent future blockage.