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Do You Know Why Your Roof Is Leaking? 4 Possible Causes And Why Repairs Are Mandatory

Roof leaks are a common frustration among most homeowners because they can cause damage to the other parts of the house. For instance, leaks greatly promote mold growth, premature rotting of fascia, and staining of the walls in your home. But, that's not all roof leaks can do; they can also lead to severe safety and health risks to you and your family. 

Fortunately, it's possible to minimize the effect of roof leaks on your property by identifying the possible causes of the leaks in good time. Look for an experienced roofing professional to identify why your roof is leaking and develop a long-term solution. If your roof is leaking, here are the four probable causes.

Roof Leaks Caused by Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the leading causes of a leaking roof, but most people don't know it. The gutters play a critical role in collecting rainwater and directing it to your home's drainage system. But when they are clogged, they will not serve their purpose effectively. As a result, the rainwater will overflow and cause water damage to your property. 

And since dealing with clogged gutters can be tricky without the right skills, it's advisable to get a roofer to unclog them. The roofer will remove any leaves, pine needles, and twigs in the gutters to keep roof leaks at bay.

Roof Leaks Caused by Lack of Maintenance

Most of the roofing materials face both wear and tear. However, regular maintenance can help prolong the shelf life of the roof. Generally, negligence is what causes roof leaks in most homes. But when you get a roofer to maintain your roof and carry out timely repairs, you will easily avoid roof leaks. As a homeowner, you shouldn't neglect professional roof maintenance. Any time you overlook roof maintenance, you expose the roof to premature aging, roof leaks, and moisture damage. 

Roof Leaks Caused by an Ageing Roof

As your roof ages, chances of experiencing roof leaks increase. Of course, every homeowner wants their roof to last for as many decades as it can, while still being in good condition and with minimal roofing problems. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Most roofs become weak and prone to roofing issues with age. If your roof is several decades old now, it's likely to be vulnerable to water infiltration, damage, and leaks. If you notice the roof is leaking, contact a roofer to rule out if the cause could be the roofing materials or something else. 

Roof Leaks Caused By Damaged Shingles

Shingles are a vital part or feature of a roof because they make it functional. However, multiple reasons could lead to damaged shingles. For instance, flyaway baseballs or hailstorms can easily damage the shingles, weakening the roof and causing it to leak. Unfortunately, most homeowners rarely notice the damaged shingles on time. In return, the roof starts leaking, causing damage to the entire property. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a roofer to replace the damaged shingles and bid roof leaks goodbye.

The roof is a vital part of your home. But with time, it will undergo wear and tear, compromising its stability and function in a big way. Roof leaks are inevitable when your roof is weak, poorly maintained, or damaged. Fortunately, a roofer can help you prevent roof leaks and avoid future roof and property damages.