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Six Important Tasks You Need A Superintendent To Handle At Your Worksite

It's essential to have a superintendent who you can rely on to oversee all of your construction projects. A superintendent is needed to handle numerous tasks at a construction site. The following are six important tasks you need a superintendent to handle at your worksite. 

Screening employees

Superintendents should know how to screen construction workers to find employees who are well trained to handle work on your site. You can rely on them to not only post job announcements for your project but also arrange and conduct interviews. 

The employees you hire are essential to the success of your project. That's why it's so important to find a superintendent with good communication skills and expertise in the construction industry so that he or she can pick out the right employees. 

Planning out the worksite schedule

Creating a construction schedule at your site that maximizes productivity is important for completing planned construction work in an efficient manner. Superintendents should be experts in construction processes so that they can schedule work to maximize efficiency. 

Inspecting work for quality control purposes

A superintendent should be willing and able to take responsibility for any safety risks, accidents, or quality issues that occur during construction and after construction is complete. 

Your superintendent should be able to inspect your new construction and ensure you of the utmost quality after the project is complete. 

Ensuring that employees are taking all necessary safety precautions

A good construction superintendent needs to be informed about all OSHA standards and other worksite safety measures that are applicable to your project. Being compliant with such measures covers your liabilities. It also protects your employees as well as your community from potential hazards. 

Communicating with suppliers regarding delivery schedules

One of the most important aspects of managing a construction site is ensuring that all construction materials are delivered when needed.

Superintendents are typically responsible for acquiring materials, tracking their delivery date, and seeing to it that they are delivered to the workers who need them. Superintendents can also help find area suppliers with competitive prices and quality materials. 

Managing the costs of a construction project

Costs can become out of control for a large construction project if you don't have an experienced superintendent to track expenses and ensure that they are staying within your budget. Superintendents can also handle financial tasks including tracking material and labor costs throughout the duration of your project.