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Why Metal Roofs Are All The Rage In Today's Residential Market

Considering installing a metal roof on your house? Gone are the days when metal roofs were seen primarily on commercial projects. These days, they are increasingly becoming popular in the residential market. 

Metal roofs are known for their durable, lightweight, and low-maintenance design, but they're so much more than that. With practically endless choices for metal roofs available on the market right now, many homeowners see them as a sound financial investment. 

Metal roofs offer many great benefits, but here are a few top reasons Americans favor them for their homes.

Improved Thermal Comfort

As the topmost part of your house, the roof is a vital part of the building that protects your family and belongings from inclement weather elements. 

One of the undesirable effects of the weather that a metal roof can help minimize is solar heat gain. Given the high thermal conductivity of metal material, you could be forgiven for thinking that metal roofs heat up quickly and make your indoor living space hotter.

While this is true at a fundamental level, modern metal roofs come in an array of colors and finishes that are designed to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible. Metal roofing products that come with solar reflective coatings, for example, are great for cooling down your home because they minimize solar heat transfer into the building.

As a result, your home can have better insulation and increased indoor comfort.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Like almost every homeowner in the United States, you probably want to keep your home's energy bills as low as possible. With space heating and cooling accounting for more than half of the annual energy consumption in the average American home, anything you do to reduce your reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems can go a long way in lowering your domestic energy expenses.

Installing a 'cool' metal roof will help to cut your household's annual energy usage by reducing your home's need for additional heating. As your roof reflects solar heat away from your home, it reduces the home's cooling load. In winter, you can rely on a properly insulated metal roof to prevent heat loss from your home's interior environment. This helps you achieve comfortable indoor temperatures without blowing too much money, come summer or winter.

Even though metal roofing has its drawbacks, it's an investment that pays off handsomely in most cases. To get a quote for your new metal roof, contact a metal roofing installer near you.