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Is Your Main Sewer Drain In Need Of Repair? What You Should Know

For many homeowners, the plumbing system is one of those things that they know is there, but they don't think much about it until there's a problem. Unfortunately, this often means that homeowners find themselves dealing with plumbing symptoms that they can't explain only to find out that the main sewer line is damaged or clogged. Understanding the signs of a main sewer line problem is important because it can help you to avoid major complications. Here's a look at some of the things to watch for.

Drains Flowing Slowly

If your home's drains have always been pretty clear and fast, you'll likely notice if they start to slow down. If you find that it takes longer for water to drain out of your sinks, it could be a problem with your main sewer drain. If the problem is isolated to a single sink, you might just have a clog in that line. However, when the problem occurs in all of the sinks in your home, that's a key indication that your main sewer drain line needs attention. 

Clogs, cracks in the line, and similar issues can disrupt the necessary vacuum that ensures adequate flow through your drain lines. Any problem like this can lead to slow drains. Left unaddressed, the issue will worsen drastically.

Drains Gurgling

Your plumbing drain system relies on a balance of the clear drain flow as well as ventilation to keep the drains flowing correctly. When there's a clog in the pipes, you won't get the ventilation required to encourage proper drainage. As a result, as water pushes past the clog, your drains will begin to bubble and gurgle. 

In the early stages, they won't back up into your sinks or your bathtub, but you will start hearing the gurgling sounds from your drains whenever you run water down them. If you start hearing this, it's important that you call a plumbing technician right away because this is a precursor to having your drains back up into your sinks, tub, and shower.

Wet Ground

If you walk your property around the area where your main drain line runs, you shouldn't have any areas of the yard that are wetter than others. However, if your main drain line is cracked and leaking, this can lead to oversaturation in those areas. That's why it's important that you never ignore odd wet areas in your yard.

These are a few of the key indications that you need a plumber to assess and repair your main sewer drain. Reach out to a plumbing contractor near you today for more help.