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Signs That Your Pool Deck Needs To Be Repaired

It is important to make sure that the pool deck is in excellent condition at all times. This is not only for the enjoyment of the pool but for the safety of everyone as well. To help you decide whether it might be time to call a contractor for pool deck repair, check out the following:

There Are Cracks In The Wood Or Concrete

Whether your pool deck is wood or concrete, if there are any cracks, you will want to have them repaired right away. The contractor may need to replace that section of the deck. Then again, if the cracks are found in various spots around the deck, your contractor might decide that it would be easier and more cost-efficient for you to simply have the entire deck replaced.

There Is A Lean

If you have an above-ground pool, you most likely have a raised wooden deck. Should you begin to notice that the deck is leaning to any side, even if only by a little bit, you need to call for pool deck repair services. It might seem as though it was just some settling of the ground and that the deck is secure, just leaning a little, but you can never be too sure. People can pass away from falling from a deck that collapses. Have the pool deck contractor raise the side that is leaning over, even if it turns out that the deck was still secure. This way, it will be nicer to look at and less likely to have further trouble with leaning because of the added support given by the contractor.

There Are Splinters Or Flaking

When wood pool decks splinter or concrete pool decks flake, you will want to have a contractor make the needed repairs. You do not want anyone getting their feet injured from the poor condition of your deck. A large splinter in the foot of someone can really put a damper on the entire swim time. Flaking of the coating on the concrete can be a hazard to young children who might try to pick at it and eat it. Plus, the flaking look of the concrete will not be very pleasing.

Call around to see which pool deck contractors are able to come out to your house. Some will only service certain areas, so find one from your town or a nearby town for an appointment.