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Demystifying Commercial Demolition So You Can Have An Idea Of What To Expect

You could be deliberating on demolishing your commercial property for numerous reasons. Perhaps you moved into an old property and would like to raze it down so that you can erect a modern building. On the other hand, your business could be booming and instead of relocating to new premises, you could be better off embarking on a partial demolition to facilitate the expansion of your building. Whatever the case, you should know that commercial demolition is more technical than what you may have seen on mainstream media. To help you have some clarity on what to expect, check out the following article that demystifies commercial demolition.

Is There Any Paperwork Required Before Engaging in Commercial Demolition?

You could be thinking that if you own the building and the land it is constructed on, you will not need to seek any permission to destroy the commercial property, but that's not true. While the types of paperwork required are different from one state to the next, the reality of the matter is that you would need to obtain several permits before the project is underway. Demolition permits, for example, are mandatory for the destruction of any type of property that required a building permit before construction. It is also worth noting that if you have multiple properties on the same lot, you would need separate permits for each of them. Insurance is also vital before commercial demolition is underway since this project can pose environmental hazards. To ensure you do not violate any federal requirements, you must hire reputable commercial demolition services.

Does Commercial Demolition Entail the Use of Explosives?

A prevailing myth surrounding commercial demolition is it exclusively employs explosives to bring down buildings, but this is incorrect. In fact, you could be surprised to learn that the use of explosives tends to be limited to special cases such as the destruction of skyscrapers or bridges. For standard-sized commercial properties characterized by several stories, the contractors will usually utilize mechanical demolition techniques. Generally, this refers to the use of specialized equipment such as wrecking balls, skid steers, bulldozers, hydraulic hammers, and more.

Does The Demolition Debris End Up in Landfills?

Another misconception you may have regarding commercial demolition is that the resultant waste is eliminated in landfills, but this is untrue. The reality is that a vast selection of demolition waste is recyclable. Therefore, materials such as glass, lumber, brick, asphalt, and even plastics should be disposed of through the proper channels.

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