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Commercial Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting is a technique that is used in many business sectors. Abrasive materials that are ejected through a powerful airstream will come into contact with paint, dirt, rust, mold, and other contaminants that are located on nonporous surfaces. Learn how this process can aid with restoring materials or preparing them for fresh paint or another sealing process.


Sandblasting processes commonly use sand particles that are various grits. Other abrasives can also be used to conduct a sandblasting process. A contractor or construction crew who provides sandblasting services will inspect the surface that needs to be treated. The density, porosity, and thickness of material may indicate which type of abrasive will work best for the sandblasting process.

Glass, ceramic, plastic, steel grit, and ice are some materials that are broken down and used to sandblast surfaces. Some abrasives may be better suited in some industries than others. For instance, sandblasting that is going to be conducted to restore the condition of food-grade surfaces will require the use of a sterile material that will not contaminate the surfaces that are being blasted. In this type of scenario, crushed ice may be selected as the preferred sandblasting material.

Sandblasting Processes

After a sandblasting service provider is hired, they will prep the area that is being treated. An air compressor will need to be hooked up to a sandblaster. There are various tips and nozzle configurations that can be used with sandblasting equipment. Each accessory will produce a distinct spray pattern. The spray pattern will administer the abrasives in a specific manner.

If a large surface is going to be treated, accessories that will create a wide fan of abrasives may be utilized. This type of pattern will allow a service provider to sandblast a surface in a reasonable amount of time. Cement sidewalks, metal exterior, and interior walls, tools, and masonry are all materials that can undergo a sandblasting process. If a commercial business uses a lot of machinery and some of the equipment has become rusted or covered with thick layers of dirt, sandblasting equipment can be used to restore the items.

Sandblasting is often used to prepare surfaces for touchups. A commercial building that will be repainted may be in need of a sandblasting service. Instead of needing to peel old paint from walls, a sandblaster can be used to quickly and efficiently remove the old wall covering. Afterward, the surface will be ready to be primed and painted.

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