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3 Tips To Safely Store Your Rigging Gear

The condition and quality of your rigging equipment will play a direct role in determining the safety of each lift you complete. While most people try to take good care of their rigging equipment while it is in use, a lot of damage can actually occur when the equipment is in storage.

Here are three tips that you can use to improve the safety of your storage techniques so that your rigging gear remains reliable over time.

1. Eliminate All Moisture

Moisture is a major threat to the safety of your rigging equipment. Any moisture that is present in your storage area can cause vital rigging pieces to corrode. Corrosion weakens the overall integrity of the metal, making it more susceptible to failure.

Always keep your rigging gear in a dry space with relatively low humidity. Allow the gear to thoroughly dry out before you place it in storage.

It can be helpful to place a dehumidifier inside your rigging storage area to provide you with greater control over moisture levels. Eliminating all moisture protects your rigging equipment against corrosion in the future.

2. Avoid UV Exposure

Another element that you want to eliminate from the area where you store your rigging equipment is sunlight.

The UV rays that are found in direct sunlight can weaken the fibers in the materials of your rigging slings. Studies show that exposure to UV rays can weaken the fibers in a polyester web sling by up to 30% in just 12 months.

If you don't want to increase the odds that your rigging slings will break under the weight of a load, you need to store your equipment in an area that is shielded against any direct sunlight.

3. Control the Temperature

The temperature of the area where you store your rigging gear must be monitored closely to ensure that your equipment remains in good condition.

If the temperature becomes too high, the fibers in synthetic slings could start to melt. If the temperature is too low, these same synthetic fibers could become brittle and lose their ability to bend and flex without breaking.

Always consult the manufacturer's instructions regarding ideal storage temperature so that you can maintain the right environment for your stored equipment.

Don't let improper storage methods compromise the safety of your rigging solutions equipment. Create a storage space that is dry, dark, and temperature controlled to maximize safety over time.