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How To Take Care Of Your Sump Pump Equipment

Sump pumps are used to remove water from the lowest point of your home's foundation, which is called a sump. Sump pumps can be mechanical or electric and often come with a float switch that turns them on when water reaches a certain level in the pit. They're also available as submersible models, which are installed below ground level and submerged in water when working properly.

Why Do You Need a Sump Pump?

If you have a basement or crawl space, then you definitely need a sump pump. A sump pump is an essential piece of equipment that helps keep your home dry by pumping water out of the basement or crawl space and into the sewer system.

Sump Pump Supplies and Equipment

Sump pumps can be powered by electricity, or they can be battery-operated. The most common type of sump pump is the electric submersible model, which is installed in an underground pit that also contains a float switch and an alarm system. These pumps are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, but they require electricity to run and may not be able to handle large amounts of water quickly enough if your basement floods suddenly.

Battery-powered sump pumps are another option for homeowners who want something more portable than an electric model but don't want the hassle of having to replace batteries every few months (or worse yet--have them die during a flood!). They're usually quieter than their electric counterparts as well; however, they do cost more upfront because you'll need two separate pieces: one for your basement floor drain system and one for its backup power source (which could mean another battery).

Some homeowners opt instead for solar-powered systems because they're environmentally friendly while still providing reliable protection against flooding disasters like hurricanes or flash floods--and these days many models even come with built-in alarms so you'll know when something goes wrong!

Maintenance Tips


Sump pumps are an essential part of any home's plumbing system. They help to prevent flooding and sewer backups, which can be a major problem for homeowners. If you have a sump pump in your home, it is important that you keep it well-maintained so that it functions properly when needed.

To learn more, contact a sump pump equipment supplier in your area.