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Questions To Ask When Interviewing Home Building Companies

Having your own custom home built is sure to be a rewarding experience. You can include the rooms and features you want, and you can customize the home's structure to suit your family's needs. The first step, however, is to choose a company to build your home. It's often wise to meet with a couple of different home-building companies and select the one you like best. Here are some important questions to ask during these meetings.  

To what degree can they customize the home?

Some builders do build fully custom homes. You can have the home designed in practically any way you want, and as long as it can be built that way, the builders will do it. Other companies have starter-building plans and allow you to customize elements within those plans. For example, you might get to choose the floor plan that's closest to your desired layout and then choose finishes for each room. The second approach is usually cheaper and easier to navigate. However, if you have really unique needs, you may be better off with a fully custom builder.

Who do they work with for financing?

You can usually have your own bank finance your home construction if desired. But it is typically easier to work with whatever bank or financier the builder has a relationship with. So, ask how each builder goes about arranging financing for their customers. Look into the banks that the various builders use, and make sure you're comfortable with your favorite builder's financing approach.

Do they subcontract any of the work?

Some building companies do all of the work themselves. Others subcontract certain parts of the job, such as installing the windows or mudding the drywall. It's harder to control the quality when a builder subcontracts part of the job. If you do end up going with a company that subcontracts, look into the subcontractors before you agree to have them work on your home.

What is their timeline?

The best custom home-building companies often have long waiting lists. However, some may have longer waits than others. Make sure the company you choose has a timeline that fits your needs. For example, if you need to move in within a year, you will want to find a builder who can get started within a few months.

Ask these questions, and you'll have an easier time comparing building companies and picking the best one to fit your needs.

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