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Factors That Affect Your Storm Window Choices

When you're installing new storm windows in your home, the most challenging part of the process might be choosing the actual windows. When you take the time to consider the storm window choices and the factors that are most important for getting the right ones, you're in a better position to get the storm windows that suit your needs and protect your home for years to come.


The climate where you live has a significant effect on choosing the proper storm windows for your home. The colder your winter temperatures get, the thicker and better insulated your storm windows should be. In areas prone to severe storms, you might want to consider impact glass for your storm window investment. This reduces the risk of broken windows and extensive damage from storm debris.


You'll need to consider the materials that your storm window frames are crafted from. Match your existing window frames for the most cohesive and secure installation. Most storm windows come in vinyl, wood, and aluminum. You might have other options as well. Consider your home's vulnerability to pest issues and corrosion as well as the cost of each type of window as you make your choice.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency rating of your storm windows makes a big difference as well. Remember that storm windows can help improve climate control in your home by improving your energy efficiency. Choose storm windows with a UV barrier glaze or other treatments to improve the energy efficiency of the glass.

Types of Glass

There are a number of glass options for storm windows. Think about the maintenance required with each one, and decide if you want to improve your home's privacy with frosted or tinted storm glass. Your storm window installation technician can help you assess your needs to find the best glass solution.

Customization Options

Sometimes there are ways to customize storm windows to fit your home's unique aesthetics. Your installer might be able to match your storm window frames to your home's exterior color schemes, for example. You might also be able to have storm windows crafted specifically to fit unusual window sizes, shapes, or styles. If you have windows that deviate from the traditional, talk with your installer up front.

Finding the right storm windows for your home involves considering many factors. Once you determine the choices that fit your budget and your needs, your storm window installation contractor can help you plan your new storm window installation. Reach out to a local service, such as Southern Glass & Mirror, to learn more.