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Tiffany Byrd

Preparing For A Roof Repair Project: Questions To Ask

One of the largest home construction projects that you can undertake is roof repair. Whenever you are replacing or repairing your home's roof, it requires a substantial amount of planning. However, a roof repair is always worth the cost. If your home does not have a well-maintained roof, then you are placing yourself in serious trouble. It's not just an issue of troub

How To Take Care Of Your Sump Pump Equipment

Sump pumps are used to remove water from the lowest point of your home's foundation, which is called a sump. Sump pumps can be mechanical or electric and often come with a float switch that turns them on when water reaches a certain level in the pit. They're also available as submersible models, which are installed below ground level and submerged in water when workin

5 Key Design Features For Creating A Custom Home That Stands Out

Designing a custom home and having it built is an exciting experience for many people, allowing them to design and create a living space that perfectly reflects their unique style and needs. However, with so many design options available, deciding which features will make your home stand out can take time. Here are five key design features to consider when creating a

Benefits Of Hiring A Roof Contractor For Cleaning Services

If you want to give your home's roof the best chance of holding up for a long time, then you need to clean it. You can hire a roofing contractor for this maintenance task and subsequently enjoy several key perks. Provide a Thorough Clean In order to make the most out of roof cleaning, you need to perform this task in a thorough manner. Then your entire roof will get c

Damp And Mold In Basements: Are Your Gutters To Blame?

Basements are more vulnerable to problems with excess moisture than any other room in your home because they are poorly ventilated and surrounded by moist soil. If your basement is becoming damp and moldy, you should act quickly to keep your basement as dry as possible. When left untreated, damp problems can cause serious issues that put your home and your health at r